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Project Name:  Keys In her Hand Service Project

Description: The purpose of Zonta's "The Key is in Her Hands" service project is to support the Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSSP) clients of Capital Area Community Action Agency (CACAA). The committee's task is to provide knowledge, guidance, and resources to help women on their way to self -sufficiency. Zontians assist the clients in understanding that they hold the key to build wisdom and self-confidence, and ultimately, the key to their own success.

A) Major Area 1-Graduation: There are 2 graduations held a year. Zonta will assist with preparation, the overall ceremony and gathering gifts for the graduates.

B) Major Area 2-Educational Workshops: There are 4 Workshops held a year. Zonta will assist with preparation, securing speakers /workshop facilitators and gathering participation incentives for the students. (Door Prizes and Gift Cards)

C) Major Area 3-Comfort Rooms: There are 2 comfort rooms for the children of the participates in the program to play in. There is one room in each building. Zonta will continue to supply each room with books, toys and educational games.

Zonta Objective: Is to provide financial assistance and services to offset the cost of providing the above 3 major services to the agency.

Outcome: To assist the graduates in the program, to celebrate their success, to educate them and to present Zonta to them as a service organization and group of women who are striving to make life better for other women.

Volunteer for this project.

  • 02 Jul 2013 8:25 PM | Pam Ridley (Administrator)

    Remember over the summer to collect kids books/magazines(new or gently used) for the ZONTA reading room at Capital Area Community action Agency(CACAA). Greatly appreciated!!


  • 31 Jan 2011 6:56 AM | Anonymous

    At the recently held Capital Area Community Action Agency(CACAA) Annual Awards Dinner at the Leon County Civic Center, Zontians Pam Ridley and Carol Berkowitz were awarded the Outstanding Community Partner Award  for their leadership. The Zonta Club of Tallahassee(ZCT) Service Committee sponsors "The Key is in Her Hands" project to support the CACAA Family Self-Sufficiency program (FSSP).  Each year, the committee provides leadership to FSSP, and present gift awards  and other goodies to successful program participants at two awards luncheons. Zontians also sponsor educational program workshops for participants throughout the year. This past year, ZCT presented  a fashion show highlighting  FSSP participants as models and taking them from the preview, interview and finally revue stages through fashion. At the December luncheon, FSSP clients received gift cards, groceries and nurturing gifts  and several  prizes were awarded to those clients who had achieved  significant accomplishments  including completing their GED, receiving college degrees, and starting a new business.
    There were other notable recipients and awards at the CACAA Dinner. Congressman Allen Boyd and Senator Al Lawson, were recognized for their self-less service to citizens, particularly those unable to care for themselves. In their honor, a new annual award category was created, and will be available to politicians who follow in their footsteps. To her surprise, Dot Inman-Johnson, Executive Director of CACAA, received an honorary proclamation from the Florida Senate and House of Representatives, for her tireless work in helping others  overcome poverty in our community through the many initiatives  offered at the Agency. The Family Self-Sufficiency Achievement Award, this year was earned by Letitia Crumity, a single mother of three children, who achieved her bachelor’s degree, obtained self supporting employment  and is now working toward her Master’s degree in Human Sciences . The ZCT is extremely proud of her achievements and we, the members of the Key Committee in particular, have seen her  grow and flourish.
    Noted former College President  and Law Professor Gene Nichol was the  Dinner's featured guest speaker and he strongly expressed his concerns about the rising tide of poverty in the US. He was very pleased to see the work undertaken at CACAA to help alleviate some of these problems.
    Once again congratulations to Pam and Carol.
    Kaye Kendrick Committee Chair,"The Key Is In her Hands"  Service Project


  • 07 Jan 2011 7:00 AM | Anonymous

    Kaye Kendrick, Kelly Dozier, and Cheryl Diamond met with FSSP staff (Patrick, Linda, Quince, Debbie) today. Following are highlights:

    ·         It was mentioned that Zontians had been involved in two workshops in past years.

    ·         FSSP staff had a listing of prior topics for the bi-monthly workshops. Some topics mentioned for this year include:  Home Economics, Healthy Eating, Parenting/Domestic Violence, Single Moms/Dating, Stress Management, Fitness/Exercise.

    ·         Approximately fifty participants are anticipated at the workshops, which are held at the Smith-Williams Center.

    ·         Zontian, Cheryl Diamond, is conducting a sewing program for Hope Community, in which FSSP participants could perhaps be invited.

    ·         Zontian, Kaye Kendrick, conducted a dream/goal setting workshop for Hope Community that could be used for FSSP.

    ·         It was decided that the first workshop would be for goal setting, entitled “Getting Results in your Life”. Kaye’s program will be the basis, with any additions/modifications suggested by the Committee (see program attached, ignore format which needs to be repaired, and I will add goal sheets, or we can use FSSP goal format). The date will be February 12, 2011, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Patrick will call to reserve the Smith-Williams Center.

    ·         Based upon the goals established by FSSP participants at the first workshop, the workshop topics for the rest of the year will be determined.

  • 14 Dec 2010 8:50 AM | Anonymous

    From: Dot

    Staff shared with me the excellent job by ZONTIANS for a very successful FSSP Luncheon. Your leadership and Pam’s work recruiting community resources, along with the wonderful commitment by other Keys volunteers made this possible. Thanks so much! As you are aware, I could not be there because I was in St. Pete Wednesday afternoon through Friday for national panel presentation.

    Again, thanks so much.



  • 14 Dec 2010 8:44 AM | Anonymous

    From: Kaye Kendrick

    Congratulations Everyone for a Successful Event!

    Thank-you everyone for all the work you did, and support for the Awards luncheon on Friday. Pam, your coaching and your ability to acquire gifts for the event is phenomenal and greatly appreciated. Bridget, the packages you made were a significant contribution to this event. Cheryl, thank-you for the music; and by the way, I have your CD’s. Everyone else, thank-you so much for being there and the contributions that you made.

    Cynthia and Patrick, it is a pleasure to work with you. The venue was beautiful, and the accomplishment of your clients were certainly impressive! It was an honor to be a part of this celebration.

    Have a great Holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!





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