Officers 2013 -14

 President                 Wendy Grey
 President-Elect  Sooni Raymaker
 Vice President  Lisa Maynard      Pasquarelli  
 Treasurer  Patty Ball Thomas
 Secretary  Marcella Torres
 Communications  Jeanna Olson




Zonta of Tallahassee Directors

 Peggy Allen  2012-2014
 Ada Burnette 2013-2015
 Vinette Godelia 2013-2015
 Kaye Kendrick 2012-2014
 Elizabeth Ricci 2013-2015
 Linda Shelley  2012-2014         
 Gwen Williams  2013-2015







Zonta Cares, Inc  2013-2014

 President Gwen Spencer
 1st Vice President Linda Shelley
 2nd Vice President
 Treasurer Lorraine Summers
 Board Member
Nancy Benda
 Board Member Jo Conte
 Board Member Sooni Raymaker









District 11

Area 4 Director (2012-2014) Pam Ridley
Amelia Earhart Scholarship Chair Penny Gilmer



ZCT Mailing address:

P.O. Box 11215

Tallahassee, FL 32302-3215




Bylaws Committee

Fellowship Committee

Promotes fellowship among the members and among neighboring Clubs.

Chairs:  Judy White and Sundae McMillan

Finance Committee

(a)  prepares an annual budget and submits it to the Board before consideration by the Club;
(b) provides for an annual audit or financial review;
(c)  reports at the meetings of the Board and the Club.

Chair: Patty Ball Thomas and Sooni Raymaker

Membership Committee

Determines the eligibility of each person proposed for membership in accordance with Article V of these Bylaws. The names of new members and  classes of membership shall be reported, on authorized forms, to Headquarters within one week. It shall develop a recruitment program for new members and encourage member participation in the activities of the Club.

Chairs:   Brenda Anthony and Lashawn Gordon

Program Committee

Prepares and arranges programs for all Club meetings including annual recognition of  the Amelia Earhart legacy.

Chairs:  Glenda Conley and Kaye Kendrick

Service Committee

Identifies and implements service activities to achieve the objects of Zonta International and tracks approved service hours for members.

Chairs: Peggy Allen and Lisa Maynard Pasquarelli

Communications and Public Relations Committee

Promotes and enhances a positive image and understanding of Zonta though systematic internal and external communications.

Chair: Jeanna Olson  

Resource Committee

Devises and implements plans for raising funds necessary for Club functions and service activities of  Zonta International projects. 

Chairs: Elizabeth Ricci and Linda Shelley

Status of Women Committee

Administers the Club’s participation in the Young Women in Public Affairs Award (YWPA) and Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Award, and publicize the Amelia Earhart  Scholarship program locally.  It may also sponsor Z Clubs and Golden Z Clubs to develop in young women leadership skills, promote career exploration, and encourage participation in community, school, and international service projects. 

Chairs:Ada Burnette and Roxane Dow

Legislative Awareness and Advocacy/United Nations Committee

Recommends action and advocacy in accordance with the objectives of Zonta International and be responsible for coordinating Club advocacy efforts relating to improving the status of women and girls. Promotes the UN program initiatives of Zonta International to the Club and community to foster participation in and support of Zonta International Projects

Chairs: Robin Thompson and Vinette Godelia


2014 Convention

Chair: Pam Ridley



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