Anti-Human Trafficking

Chair: Robin Thompson 

  • Description: 
    A) Outreach and Education about Human Trafficking
    *We will conduct training sessions for members so that they can be informed as well as work to equip members with information so they can conduct mini-human trafficking training and awareness sessions in the community, such as in our workplaces, faith communities, etc. Many members are new and have not heard the prior presentations.
    *We will work to help develop and promote the local anti-trafficking collaborative, The North Florida Alliance to Combat Trafficking (NFACT). Founded several years ago, NFACT currently has members from a wide variety of local service providers and Zonta.  It needs to expand its membership to included justice system representatives and needs to develop into a more structured and productive organization.
    *We will also work to plan and host a community awareness event on human trafficking.

B)         Outreach Materials
*We will develop and disseminate relevant local, national and international information.  This information is shared both electronically and, as needed, in hard copy for the community at large and for members use when they conduct mini-human trafficking awareness programs.
*We also will continue the very successful Sticky Note Project – where members distribute sticky notes with the number of the national human trafficking hotline throughout the area.
*We will meet and develop an awareness and outreach tool (to replace the 2012 Calendar) which, like the calendar, will both inform the community and members as well as be a fundraiser.

C)        Trafficking Survivor Support
*We will provide support to victims as needed. This could include a range of assistance from housing, clothing and transportation to baby clothes, gift cards and long distance calling cards.  We organize members to contribute.  This is on an “as needed” basis when local human trafficking cases arise.

Zonta Objective: To promote local awareness and understanding of human trafficking and to provide direct assistance to the survivors of trafficking.

Proposed Outcomes:

  • •A)                Zonta Club trafficking training sessions will increase the understanding and awareness of human trafficking among our members.  Members of other women’s organizations and allied groups will be more informed and be able to assist survivors of trafficking and our Club will assist survivors directly with support, as needed.
  • •B)                Awareness materials featuring the national anti-trafficking hotline number and other key information will inform the local community of resources available to assist survivors. 
  • •C)                Trafficking survivors will receive direct and needed resource support.


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